Dots: Make-up palette – charcoal


1 895 kr

Dots, new collection September 2023 by Mats Theselius

Mats Theselius’ new collection Dots is mostly about colour and a less about the pattern effect. Its the colours who does most of the work in this design. “Dots – palette” is available in four different base colors: charcoral, salmiak, sand and pure white. The colour choices play’s with the tones in a make-up palette. The tiles can be installed in many different ways: statically repeated, with some kind of varied interval or completely randomly. A checkerboard combo is also a possibility. There is also a option to mix with plain tiles of the same base colour as in the selected pattern tile.

1895 SEK per sqm including VAT (25%)
20x20cm, 12mm thickness
This pattern is sold in boxes of 0,64 sqm, 16 tiles. Price per box is 1213 SEK including VAT.

Kvantitet (lådor)

Menge (Kartons)

Quantité (boîtes)

Quantity (boxes)


Technical information
We recommend 10% extra in overage

Suitable for
Floor and wall installation. Sealing is required.

Lead time
For in stock items shipping within Europe and US by air takes about 7-10 working days after received payment.

Shipping cost
Depends on where you are based. Send us an email with quantity needed and your delivery address and we’ll reply within 24H (weekdays)

Care instructions
One of the benefits with cement tiles is that will become more beautiful with time and therefore is it of importance to maintain the tiles. We recommend to clean the tiles regularly with neutral soap or Natural Stone & Porcelain aftercare cleaner (which can be purchased from us). We advise against products that contains blech or acids.
Please note; even tiles that is sealed are sensitive to different kinds of acids. Coffee, citrus fruits
and vinegar are examples of what can cause stains to the tiles if not cleaned promptly.

Find our installation guide here.

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