About Marrakech Design

Marrakech Design is a Swedish company specialized in encaustic cement tiles. The tiles are made by hand according to a production process developed in southern France towards the end of the 19th century. Nowadays, the world’s major production centers for cement tiles are Morocco and Vietnam.

We founded Marrakech Design in 2006 after a number of trips to Morocco where we discovered and became intrigued by the beauty and versatility of these tiles. Initially we focused on classic Moroccan/Arabic/French patterns, adapting the colours to fit Scandinavian and Northern European tastes.

However, we soon realized the potential in combining the traditional material and production process with a contemporary approach to design and so in 2010 we launched our first designer line ”Raval” by the renowned Swedish designer Mats Theselius. Then in 2012 we teamed up with the Stockholm based architects Claesson Koivito Rune resulting in a collection of three patterns Casa, Dandelion and Stone. ”Dandelion” has since become what must be considered a modern design icon.
These initial collections have been followed by several more: the ”Kelim”- line (Goose-eye, Herringbone, Hook and Woody) by Mats Theselius, ”Bow, Kimono, Lily, Moonrise and Orchard” a second collection by Claesson Koivisto Rune,  ”New Raval” by Mats Theselius and most recently “Stitches and Embroidery” by Claesson Koivisto Rune.

We’re proud that the collections have won several design prizes: Residence Magazine and Elle Deco Sweden Design Awards for ”Raval” in 2011, the Elle Deco Sweden Design Award for ”Casa Dandelion Stone” in 2012 and the Elle Deco International Design Award in Milan for ”Dandelion” in 2013.

Recent major projects with our cement tiles include: Scandic Grand Central Hotel (Stockholm), most outlets of the family bakery Fabrique (Stockholm and London), Aesop store Covent Garden (London), Hunter Boots flagship store Regent Street (London), Haymarket Hotel (Stockholm), Sandro restaurants (Helsinki), Zander K Hotel (Bergen, Norway), TOMS (London).