Zellige: Bejmat shape (wall) – cream


1 975 kr

Bejmat WALL 15 x 5 cm (1,4-1,6 cm thickness) Bejmat shape: 1975 SEK/sqm, including VAT

Zellige (zilij) is handmade clay tiles that is glazed and kiln fired, each tile is unique in both shape and colour. The tiles are hand-molded and hand-cut, splinters will appear from the glaze. Zellige tiles are uneven in structure and thickness, no two Zellige tiles are exactly the same.

When the tiles are put in placed and grouted will each tiles imperfection provide the final result with a unique and beautiful appearance.

Zellige tiles are not perfect and never will be. These tiles are suitable for you whom love and appreciate the natural beauty that these tiles offer.   

Kvantitet (lådor)

Menge (Kartons)

Quantité (boîtes)

Quantity (boxes)


Technical information
Handmade clay tiles
We recommend 10% extra in overage

Suitable for
Wall installation.

Lead time
For in stock items shipping within Europe and US by air takes about 7-10 working days after received payment.

Shipping cost
Depends on where you are based. Send us an email with quantity needed and your delivery address and we’ll reply within 24H (weekdays)

Care instructions
Clean your Bejmat tiles with a natural floor soap

Find our installation guide here.

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