Anki Gneib

Charlotte von der Lancken

Charlotte von der Lancken was born in Stockholm 1978. She graduated as MA Industrial designer from University Collage of Arts Crafts and Design (Konstfack) in 2004. Charlotte von der Lancken was previously founder and running partner of Front Design, and now she is running her own designstudio in Stockholm.

Marrakech Design in collaboration Charlotte von der Lancken

Paths tile collection create an eternal maze of paths. However you choose to turn the tile, the ”paths” will join to find new irregular ways. The collection has endless possibilities to create new patterns.

The Infinity symbol inspired the new Cement Tile collection Fold for Marrakech Design. The pattern has its origin in a flattened möbius strip that forms a perfect hexagon. The Möbius strip is a mathematic discovery of a single-sided surface and its symbolic value of infinty has been retained as cement tiles with equivalent qualities.