Anki Gneib


Wingårdhs is an artistically driven Swedish architectural office, active in a global arena. With a persistent drive to explore every aspect of the architectural craft, the office has evolved into a place of both creative excellence and sharp execution. The project portfolio is broad and multi-faceted. The original focus on architecture and interior design has been broadened to include urban planning, landscape and concept development as well as the design of furniture and products.



Marrakech Design in collaboration with Wingårdhs

The designers behind the collection are Maja Godicke and Leila Atlassi – both designers and interior architects at Wingårdhs. They have previously collaborated on a variety of projects ranging from products and interiors to brand and concept design. This first collection for Marrakech Design includes five different tiles.

“Pop & Plus” is based on simple geometric shapes – the square, the circle and the cross – were chosen as the basis. The result is individually simple tiles that, on a large surface, allow for creative variety.

“Sol, Porto & Bibbla” is a play with negative shapes and manual cutting. They arose in the intersection between Leila’s fragmentary memories of childhood Casablanca and Maja’s exploration of analog methods, color and the art of finding the perfect imprecise shape.

The collection is held together by muted and neighboring colors with a dash of both coolness and sting.